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About Us

Karno Energy has established itself as a company that provides the highest quality services for the design of internal engineering systems of buildings using innovative technologies and is able to create a harmonious property for our Clients in the process of supervising its construction. One of the key points that underlies the company's success is the use of the experience of qualified local specialists, which, combined with management technologies, allows us to successfully fulfill the tasks set.

High qualified specialists

Our specialists are unrivaled in terms of experience and knowledge of all the features of construction in local conditions, and also have sufficient qualifications to meet all the requirements of end users. The company employs qualified engineers specializing in ventilation and air conditioning, power supply, heat and water supply, information communications, security systems and fire protection systems for buildings. We are ready to provide design services in the construction of commercial, residential and industrial buildings and are proud of each project in which we took part.

Social and environmentally friendly projecting

Our buildings are socially and environmentally conscious as a result of our many years of work with real estate modeling and energy studies , while our engineers and designers are interested in continuing their careers in MEP Engineering and provide trustworthy design and construction supervision services focused on meeting investor expectations.

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Karno Energy ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the optimal functioning of the created with the participation of our property for many decades. We look forward to cooperation in your next projects! We provide mep services for our customers in the design of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing engineering systems, developing Concept, Sketching, Tender and Working documentation for large construction projects.